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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How would you describe a limo bus?

A: A limo bus is the size in length of a regular limousine but it has the space of a bus. With all the features inside, it's a fully functional entertainment unit and like a party on wheels. This allows room to stand which heightens (Pardon the pun) the comfort level.

Q: What features are in each vehicle?

A: With all the features inside including big screen televisions, incredible audio systems, and the best in navigational equipment, among other amenities, there is always something to do on board. Check out our VEHICLES page for a detailed list of features for each vehicle.

Q: Are there any specials available?

A: There are specials depending on the time of year, plus there are variances in pricing depending on the time of day and time of the week of the rental. For Wedding rentals ask if we are currently running any package deals, sometimes we can bundle multiple day rentals.

Q: Can we drink alcohol on board?

A: Yes, alcohol can be drank on board as just long as everyone is of legal drinking age. If minors are present we must enforce an absolute zero tolerence policy for alcohol.

Q: Should we bring our own drinks?

A: Yes, its BYOB. We do not provide alcohol for passengers. Our vehicles feature bar areas which are complete with coolers, which we fill with fresh ice before each rental.

Q: Can we smoke on board?

A: Smoking is not allowed. We will make as many stops as you need, to smoke and/or use the bathroom. Your driver will always go over the rules with your guests before departing.

Q: Can we bring food on board?

A: Yes, but don't make a mess. Any clean up will be subject to an additional clean up fee. Remember your food will be on a moving vehicle, so accidents are more likely.

Q: How do I put a deposit down?

A: A valid credit card needs to be put on the account upon confirmation of the reservation. We are able to take your deposit over the phone to save you time and hassle.

Q: Can we tip the driver?

A: Sure. You can pay them with cash at the beginning or the end of the rental. If you feel the driver went above and beyond a tip is the best way to express your thanks.

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